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After taking the last weekend off in support of our friends at Richmond Raceway, right back at it was the continuation of the 2019 race season at Larry King Law’s Langley Speedway. With eleven different race divisions featured, many of the season long championships were still left undetermined. As championships play out, many still sought the trip to Dale Lemonds Victory Lane while a few just might be looking to settle a few scores too. The evening featured the ERA Real Estate Champ Karts, Bojangles UCar’s and action from the Harris Truck Shop Super Trucks. The always entertaining Parts Barn Enduros were on the schedule as were the Old Skool Video Games Super Streets. Then in twin race features, the Taylor Waste Services Late Models were back in action. This week’s write up is dedicated in memory to fellow racer, mentor and dear friend to so many, Champ Kart series competitor Jake Harberts. Here’s a recap of the race action and who came out on top in Dale Lemonds Victory Lane.

ERA Real Estate Champ Karts 20 Laps: Hunter Waltrip collected the Champ Kart series pole with a lap of 23.008 seconds. Chris Bechtel would start one spot better in second over series points leader Aaron Leach in third. Then it was Matthew Leach and Jeremiah Strandberg rounding out the five best in qualifying. Green flag waved and headed into turn one was the twenty car field. Leading the first lap would be Aaron Leach but by lap three the freight train tandem of Hunter Waltrip and Chris Bechtel came barreling through to take the lead. Aaron Leach would show third followed by Matthew Leach as the bumper banging ensues. Finally, cars three for fifth join the leaders all nose to tail and separated from the rest of the grid. Halfway, there’s much more of the same as Hunter Waltrip shows the way. But then lap traffic plays a role allotting Waltrip, Bechtel and Aaron Leach to settle the feature for themselves. Last lap, Waltrip looks to make his kart five cars wide to protect his spot and gets it done, he’ll go on to win the Champ Kart feature by 0.069 seconds. Waltrip had these words, “It’s not all about being safe, even though my teammate was right behind me, the league is so competitive. I was out front the whole time freaking out but it’s so surreal cause we’ve been battling gremlins all season long. We’ve gotten some poles but could keep it out there, we’ve invested in some new torque wrenches in case y’all were asking about that one time. This one is for Jake Harberts, honestly, appreciate you all coming out. This has been hard for the whole club, especially the guys that were close to him, it just really means a lot because I can’t imagine having to go through something like that”.

Race Results:

  1. #17 Hunter Waltrip; 20
  2. #67 Chris Bechtel; 20
  3. #45 Aaron Leach; 20
  4. #59 Charlie Ray Lorah; 20
  5. #51 Matthew Leach; 20
  6. #39 Mattisen Morrill; 20
  7. #3 Jeremiah Strandberg; 20
  8. #30 Jeffrey Johnson; 20
  9. #80 Jacob Harberts; 20
  10. #78 Harry Leach; 20
  11. #97 Tim Waltrip; 20
  12. #10 Danny Millard; 20
  13. #28 Garry Osborne; 20
  14. #26 Robert Pellek; 20
  15. #16 Davey Millard; 20
  16. #02 Jordon Woods; 20
  17. #15 Cheyanne Strandberg; 19
  18. #06 Steven Griggs; 19
  19. #01 Jesse Call; 19
  20. #2 Mark Edwards; 19
  21. #12 Adam Hopper; 18
  22. #23 Bradley Gower; 17

Taylor Waste Services Late Models Twin 70’s: Greg Edwards, the Late Model series points leader claimed the pole clicking off a 15.755 second lap. Connor Hall picked up the second starting spot in row one followed by Danny Edwards, Nick Sanchez and Brenden Queen. With the green flag in full display, the thirteen car field motored into turn one and from the outside pole, Connor Hall leads lap one. Greg Edwards falls in line in second as Danny Edwards occupies third. Then its Nick Sanchez along with Brenden Queen the early top five. Good fight for fourth as Queen wanted it but Sanchez holds him off. Laps later, Casey Wyatt takes fifth but back at the front, Connor Hall enjoyed his four car length lead. Troubles for Justin Carroll on the backstretch to bring out the first caution. After quick clean up, Hall gets the jump and secured his lead on point. Greg Edwards tucks in behind the leader to maintain second and this time around, he’s not letting the leader get away. Good job to Thomas Marks who started eleventh, who soon made his way to fifth as the halfway drew near. Halfway went up on the board and so did the caution as Casey Wyatt came to a stop in turn four. Back to the green, Connor Hall again with the great jump to hold on to the lead. Greg Edwards slips just a bit but keeps his second position in the grid but not before another caution involving Craig Eastep. The green once again waves and once again, Hall gets the jump. Good battle for fourth as Queen and Sanchez battle with the spot going to Queen. Chalk up Danny Edwards who motors by Greg Edwards for second but the battle comes at a cost as Hall’s lead was now seven lengths. Late laps, another Edwards brother battle for second took place allowing Connor Hall to start looking for the checkered flag. Danny Edwards would get second but the spot that paid the most was taken by Connor Hall. Hall wins the Late Model feature by 0.910 second, Hall had these words, “That was a tough one, I’m pretty worn out. Been battling the flu all week, really worn out which I’m ashamed to say after just seventy laps. We’ve been struggling a bit with the balance of our cars since the Hampton Heat. Found two errors with the car that we fixed after the last practice. Very fortunate to get back into Victory Lane”.

In the Late Model second feature, the mandatory eight car invert was applied to the grid per NASCAR rules handing Michael Hardin the pole. Starting second was Casey Wyatt as race one winner Connor Hall had to start eight as the green flag waved. So, its Michael Hardin who leads lap one as Casey Wyatt made sure he earned it. Then its Brenden Queen joining in and battling for second with Wyatt. Queen would soon take the spot as Nick Sanchez wanted third. Sneaking through also was Connor Hall who had to patiently wait for his opportunities to pass with an obvious fast race car. Meanwhile as the jockeying for positions continued, Michael Hardin had built up a half a straightaway length lead to make Hall’s intentions of sweeping the evening interesting. Danny Edwards finally started to make ground showing fourth as Hall, Sanchez and Danny Edwards were tracking down the leader. Laps later, Nick Sanchez makes the move around Hall for second as Danny Edwards wants to get by as well. Closing in quickly by two tenths each lap, Nick Sanchez is hooked up and poised to lead. Just shy of the halfway, Hardin doesn’t make much fuss of Sanchez’s run and the race now had a new leader in Nick Sanchez. Soon after did Danny Edwards take second as Michael Hardin was falling back rapidly. Regrouping after a horrible start to the race, Greg Edwards made his way into the top five. But back at the front, Danny Edwards was closing in on Sanchez ever so slightly. Later stages of the event, the charge of Danny Edwards began to fizzle out as the race leader began to get away. Final laps now, Nick Sanchez drove a beauty and would go on to win by 0.976 seconds. Sanchez in Victory Lane, “The car was amazing, the crew did an awesome job with all their adjustments. We pieced our way through traffic the way we needed to and we brought home the win. You try to do all you can and hope the rest falls in place and this is a helluva way to cap off the rest of the year”.

Race Results #1:

  1. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  2. #26 Danny Edwards; 70
  3. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  4. #98 Nick Sanchez; 70
  5. #03 Brenden Queen; 70
  6. #88 Thomas Marks; 70
  7. #29 Casey Wyatt; 70
  8. #7H Michael Hardin; 70
  9. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 70
  10. #2 Craig Eastep; 70
  11. #9 Rodney Boyd; 70
  12. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 70
  13. #91 Justin Carroll; 37

Race Results #2:

  1. #98 Nick Sanchez; 70
  2. #26 Danny Edwards; 70
  3. #21 Greg Edwards; 70
  4. #77 Connor Hall; 70
  5. #88 Thomas Marks; 70
  6. #7H Michael Hardin; 70
  7. #03 Brenden Queen; 70
  8. #7 Zach Lightfoot; 70
  9. #9 Rodney Boyd; 69
  10. #10 Maddy Mulligan; 69
  11. #2 Craig Eastep; 69
  12. #29 Casey Wyatt; 38
  13. #91 Justin Carroll; 25

Bojangles UCar’s 25 Laps: Series points leader Mike Farley was back on pole in UCar series action by posting his 19.233 second lap. Looking to collapse Farley’s points lead, Austin Davis would get the second position as the green flag waved to the grid. Leading lap one though would be Austin Davis after the pole sitter slips in turn four. Mike Farley quickly regroups and would soon take the race lead just four laps later in the run. On back, great racing between Cameron Ruggles and Jamie Hite for the third spot as Hite hold off the charge for now. Back at the front, Farley began to put distance on second place Davis as the race so far has been caution free. Halfway saw much the same as Farley had his ride on rails and would cruise on to victory by 0.913 seconds. Farley from Victory Lane, “A little more excitement one the first few laps than what I was hoping for. I was happy for Austin taking the lead and would be happy for the guy if he won. The best part about the season is the relationships and not necessarily the results. Getting to share this with my family, my girlfriend, my kids and team, a really banner rookie year for sure”.

Race Results:

  1. #11 Mike Farley; 25
  2. #3 Austin Davis; 25
  3. #03 Jamie Hite; 25
  4. #52 Cameron Ruggles; 25

Old Skool Video Games Super Streets 40 Laps: Likely the hottest race division in recent weeks has been the Super Streets and claiming the pole this week was Gordon Weeks. The pole time was recorded at 18.836 seconds as Colby Vance earned the two spot on the grid with his effort. Nick Sample, series points leader Dale Parro and Sean Calway were the five quickest in Super Street qualifying. With the green flag waving, it was Colby Vance who would lead lap one leaving the pole sitter in second. Then its Nick Sample, Chris Roberts and Sean Calway the early top five. Still early on in the feature, race leader Vance would build up an eight car length lead as Sample battled Weeks for second. Finally, Sample gets position by working his way around Weeks for second but meanwhile, Vance continues to drive away. Halfway saw Vance continue to lead as the beaten and banging commenced on back but it was Gordon Weeks who brought out the caution. Setting up the races first restart, the green once again waves as Colby Vance maintains the lead. Nick Sample would take second as Chris Roberts would show third in the grid. Making their way into the top five where Tommy Sweeney along with Thomas Gildea fourth and fifth. But then troubles for Sweeney whose motor expired to bring out the second caution. With twelve laps remaining, the green flag waves again and Colby Vance has been money on the starts. But then troubles for Gildea and Calway who get together in turn four to bring out yet another race caution. Back to the green and wouldn’t you know it, another race caution as this time Gordon Weeks goes around courtesy of Danny Harrell. Now eight laps left in the feature, Colby Vance will lead the field once again as Nick Sample searches for a way around the leader. Laps later, Vance is seen with a two car length lead and nothing Sample could do to close, Colby Vance wins the Super Street feature by 0.294 seconds. Colby Vance from Victory Lane, “Yeah, most of the race I was just trying to save it, we were fortunate to get a good enough lead on there. This class is full of cautions so but man, that was pretty fun but I gotta think all my guys for getting this car back together. We had a shop fire back in July, luckily, we didn’t lose the car and put it back together. Want to thank all the fans coming out here, all my guys, my sponsors and all the guys that help me. Man, it’s just awesome and it feels good”.

Race Results:

  1. #44 Colby Vance; 40
  2. #25 Nick Sample; 40
  3. #11 Chris Roberts; 40
  4. #15 Dale Parro; 40
  5. #14 Tillman Heuer; 40
  6. #20 Gordon Weeks; 40
  7. #95 Danny Harrell;40
  8. #12 Sean Calway; 40
  9. #54N Billy Newman; 40
  10. #28 Thomas Gildea; 31
  11. #53S Tommy Sweeney; 28
  12. #23 Raymond Haymond; 12

Harris Truck Shops Super Trucks 25 Laps: Leading the Super Truck series points was Rick Poust who showed no signs of letting up as he would claim the pole in the afternoon time trials. The quick lap around the .397 mile oval was in at 19.111 seconds as Chase McAdams took second, Ryan Huff, Chris Munger and Shannon Lester were the top five. With the green high the air, pole sitter Rick Poust shows them into turn one but by turn three, it was Chase McAdams with the early race lead. Poust however would regroup to show second as Ryan Huff ran third, Chris Munger fourth and Shannon Lester in fifth. Several laps into the race would the leader build up a six truck length lead over Poust who remained in second. Coming to the halfway, McAdams was driving away and continuing to put distance on Rick Poust. But then the races first caution when Shannon Lester’s engine let go erasing the lead of Chase McAdams. After clean up concluded, the racing resumed and Chase McAdams get the great jump. But before the lap completes, Chris Munger goes around for the second caution. With the green flag in the air, Chase McAdams would continue to show the way. Final lap and Poust would give it his all but hooked up enroute to the checkered flag, McAdams wins by 0.690 seconds. McAdams from Victory Lane, “Oh yeah, we got her set up for the night run, she’s a little finicky in qualifying always a little loose off. Can’t win them in qualifying and great truck, gotta thank my dad, Jimmy Huff and everybody, thank you all”.

Race Results:

  1. #2 Chase McAdams; 25
  2. #9 Rick Poust; 25
  3. #3 Ryan Huff; 25
  4. #2 Chris Munger; 25
  5. #38 Paige Caine; 25
  6. #65 Shannon Lester; 19
  7. #66 Wayne Lyons; 19
  8. #18 Austin Davis; 3

Parts Barn Enduros 30 Laps: Dwight Nikles would get the pole based on the earlier pill draw as Mike Kanary would join him making up the front row. Series points leader Chris Kane would start towards the rear in twenty third as Colby Vance, down by five points in chase of the leader would start fifteenth. The green flag waved and coming around to lead the first circuit was third place starter Alex Floroff but right there to harass the leader was Charlie Bryant. Side by side the two would go but then the red flag is displayed when Richard Quinn hits the outside wall hard. Back to the green, Charlie Bryant gets help from a lap car to take the lead from Alex Floroff. But looming in the back and picking them off one by one, Colby Vance is coming through. After starting fifteenth, Vance was in third and on the move but Floroff reclaims the race lead. At the halfway, its Colby Vance taking the lead courtesy of lap traffic but back would Alex Floroff come to be within a car length of the race leader. The race would come to a halt when Mikey Chinn found himself in the turn four ditch. Back to the racing, Colby Vance would continue to lead as Alex Floroff was losing ground to the leader. But suddenly lap traffic plays a role and Floroff takes the lead. Then in a twist of events, here comes Vance to retake the lead as with two laps to go, the red flag waves setting up a dash for the stripe. The green is back in the air and Floroff needed to make up seven lengths to get to Vance’s bumper. With no help from lap traffic, Colby Vance goes on to win an exciting Enduro feature by 1.645 seconds. Colby Vance from Victory Lane, “That was a helluva show that second race, got up through the field pretty quick as luckily Charlie and Alex were racing hard. It made it a little easier to catch up with them. I want to thank all my guys, all my sponsors anyways, we got the win. Think this is my fifth win in the Enduros, I think this might put us in the points lead”.

Race Results:

  1. #44 Colby Vance; 31
  2. #17 Alex Floroff; 31
  3. #88 Charlie Bryant; 31
  4. #0 Jimmy Adkins; 31
  5. #6 Christian Keller; 31
  6. #77 Hunter Kane; 31
  7. #99 Zach Kane; 31
  8. #24 Tim Vinson; 31
  9. #02 Michael Joyner; 30
  10. #25 Ryan Vinson; 30
  11. #13 Hayden Sheldon; 30
  12. #7 Dwight Nickles; 30
  13. #3 Mikey Chinn; 30
  14. #28 William Robinson; 30
  15. #12 Zach Herdlein; 30
  16. #03D Nicolas Deans; 30
  17. #19 Courtney Schubert; 29
  18. #53S Zac Stongle; 29
  19. #32 Vicky Connor; 29
  20. #11 Phil Nelson; 29
  21. #41 Richard Ellis; 28
  22. #4B Jake Bage; 28

Langley SPeedway PR

In upwards of 100 cars were pitside for the Brandt Season Finale presented by Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy.  It was a busy night and unfortunately, Mother Nature showed up with some rain to claim the final three features.

Dennis Vander Meersch came into the night second in points, 22 behind Scott Landers who has led for much of the season.  With ten cars starting the feature, Landers locked up the championship by just starting the feature.  The race itself had Vander Meersch blistering the topside of the track with wicked fast laps.  Vander Meersch claimed the cup trophy for the feature win, while Landers claimed his first ever point championship.  Tommy Duncan, Randy Huffman, Landers, and Blake Reid rounded out the top five in the feature race.

The Archers Alley Street Stocks again had a great field of cars show up for the final night of the year.  Jaret Duff impressed early, leading the first 11 laps of the main event.  Veteran Darrell Dick was able to sneak by on lap 12 after Duff jumped the cushion following a restart.  On the final lap, Jeff Reed, Jr. was able to edge Duff by 1.5 eyelashes for second.  For Dick, it was his second feature win at Macon this season.  Dick solidified the second position in the standings, while Terry Reed claimed the championship.  In the race, Dick, Reed, and Duff were followed by Tommy Pickering, and Andy Zahnd.

The wildest race of the three features was in the Neal Tire & Auto Pro Mod class.  It was a tale of two races.  The battle for the front half of the 22 car field and the battle for the second half of the field.  The first seven or eight guys were flying around the top of the track, while the back half of the field were in a much slower battle for position.  That created issues for the leaders as they caught the back half of the field.  Point champion, Tim Hancock, was leading the field with Rob Timmons closely behind.  As the two caught traffic, Timmons went low when Hancock went high.  As they crossed the line, Timmons took the top spot.  Seconds later, the yellow flew.  Back to green, Hancock, tried to return the favor by passing Timmons in traffic.  Unfortunately, Hancock ran out of room, clipping the right rear of Timmons car, ending his night.  At the checkered, Timmons picked up his third feature win of the year, while Hancock claimed the championship.  Following Timmons in the feature rundown were Billy Knebel, Jeff Watts, Tim Hancock, Jr., and Brady Lynch.

Just before the features began, a pair of powder puff races for the ladies were held.  In the Hornet race, Paige Eskew claimed the victory.  In the Street Stocks, Austin Harbin took the victory.

Unfortunately, rainfall hit with three laps complete in the BillingsleyRewards.com Modified feature.  That race, as well as the Micros By Bailey Chassis and the Hornets were not completed.  Information on the status of those events and what procedure will be used will be announced early in the upcoming week.

Macon Speedway officials would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2019 season a huge success.  Car counts were up, racing was great, and we can’t thank the drivers enough for that.  The fans got to see a great show night in and night out.  Also, big thanks to the businesses who supported the speedway throughout the year.

For further news and information on the three features that were not completed as well as info on the 2020 season, check us out at www.maconracing.com and on Facebook.

Macon Speedway PR

One of NASCAR’s most excitable drivers tamed the Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL™ on Saturday.

A.J. Allmendinger expertly negotiated the closing stages of the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, scoring a well-earned third triumph of his 16-race NASCAR Xfinity Series career.

Allmendinger, a longtime Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver who spent the 2019 season as a part-time driver for Kaulig Racing, delivered car owner Matt Kaulig his second victory of the year after leading 20 of 67 laps around the 17-turn, 2.28-mile ROVAL™.

He sped away from Austin Cindric on the final restart with four laps to go and beat Tyler Reddick to the finish line by 2.386 seconds. Cindric nursed a broken right-rear shock – sustained in the closing circuits – to the finish line in third ahead of Justin Allgaier and Noah Gragson.

Alex Labbe, John Hunter Nemechek, Cole Custer, Chase Briscoe and Ryan Truex rounded out the top 10. Briscoe won last year’s inaugural Drive for the Cure 250 as well as the pole for Saturday’s second running, but late-race contact with Christopher Bell sent Briscoe’s No. 98 spinning and relegated to salvaging the afternoon in the top 10. Bell overcame adversity of his own to rally from 30th to 12th in the last 15 laps.

A.J. ALLMENDINGER, No. 10 Digital Ally Chevrolet Camaro (Race Winner): “Whew....I’m out of breath. I can’t thank Matt Kaulig (team owner) enough. He’s believed in me. He wanted me to come here and try and help build this team. I can’t thank all of our race team enough. The last few years have been rough. I just wanted to win so bad for these guys. We have been so close. I really got to thank Tyler Reddick. He told me when I got here I needed to help him on the road courses. I knew with him behind me, I could keep someone on the right side of me and Tyler wouldn’t shove it down in there. I appreciate that. I was just trying to change up the restarts every time, and you can only do so much. Once we got out in clean air this thing was good. In clean air, this thing was pretty badass.”

“It was for sure challenging. But this track is so fun. It takes me back to my Champ Car days. It’s a street course that if you make a mistake it can have consequences. Everybody at Kaulig Racing has worked hard to make our cars better and faster. It was so important to get out front. I started using my tires up and I kind of had to dictate my own pace. So I had to be very aggressive on Christopher (then leader Bell) to get around him. I felt like once I got around him I could dictate my own pace. And see what kind of speed we had. The last how-ever-many restarts, I just tried to change it up enough. I knew I needed about a half-car going into Turn 1. For me, all I can do is go out there and drive the wheels off of it.”

CHRIS RICE, No. 10 Digital Ally Chevrolet Camaro (Winning Crew Chief): “We have a great team. Our engineer spent a lot of time on the ROVAL set up. It has just paid off. A.J. Allmendinger has made Kaulig Racing so much better along with Justin Haley and Ross Chastain and Elliott Sadler. I just can’t thank them enough. I told A.J. that you are way better than our race team right now and we have got to get to your level. We won today because of AJ. We have got to beat the 20 (Christopher Bell) and the 00 (Cole Custer). It’s just awesome to go trophy hunting with that 10 car.”

MATT KAULIG, No. 10 Digital Ally Chevrolet Camaro (Winning Car Owner): “We hated that the 11 (team car Justin Haley) had trouble early and we had our spirits dampened for about half the race. But when the 10 car (Allmendinger) was up in front, A.J. was the fastest guy on the track. We are really proud of A.J., Chris Rice (crew chief) and this whole team. We have been through a lot this year. And to have two trophies now, we couldn’t be more excited. We definitely have more plans with A.J. He can help us in many areas. We just signed him to all our road courses and some speedway races until he doesn’t want to do it anymore. All we ask for is a chance. You just want to be in a position to win at the end.”

TYLER REDDICK, No. 2 Emerson Chevrolet (Runner-Up): “A lot happened (at the beginning of the race), for sure. Just made a mistake there. We've been getting better on these road courses and the cars have been really fast for me. But still, I lack the knowledge I need to keep myself on the safe side at the beginning of the race. Just an inexperienced move, not keeping om top pf thee brake bias there for a little bit warmer temperature and everything else that was going on. Looking back, I definitely know what to do going into the race to be a little bit on the safe side, but I just didn't want to flat-spot the front tires. I thought I had a pretty happy spot with the brake bias, so I hate to see that, but we still had a really good day, a good rebound. To be able to get back up there and still score the fourth-most points out of anybody, that's kind of crazy, so it was a good day for our guys. We're sitting second. Never thought the way the day was started we were going to finish the race second, so a good race."

AUSTIN CINDRIC, No. 22 MoneyLion Ford Mustang (Third-Place Finisher): “Yeah, the right-rear shock's gone. Totally missing, gone, just not there. I was probably the most aggressive on the curbs today. … We had a pretty decent MoneyLion Ford. I don't know if we were good enough to win today, but good enough to be there on the restarts. We had a good, consistent day gives us a lot of points heading into Dover. I wanted those five bonus points, man. Congrats to A.J. Obviously I wasn't going to push the issue with A.J., knowing he had nothing to lose. He gives as much as you give him."

To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com. Kids’ tickets cost just $10.

Fans can connect with Charlotte Motor Speedway and get the latest news by following on Twitter and Instagram, becoming a Facebook fan or downloading the Charlotte Motor Speedway mobile app.


Chase Briscoe couldn't have picked a better start to try to defend his victory in the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Briscoe earned his first career NASCAR Xfinity Series pole Saturday, edging Tyler Reddick to start up front at America's Home For Racing. Briscoe was the first Xfinity Series winner at the ROVAL™ when he won this race last year.

"Certainly a good way to start," Briscoe said of going back-to-back. "The problem is now we can't go any more forward, so we've got to try to stay up there. Last year, our strategy with me not being in the playoffs was a little bit different. But we have the best track position now and try to hold it.

"I'm just really proud of all of our SHR with Fred Biagi guys. We brought a really good Ford Performance Mustang, obviously. We'll try to go back to back – it would be pretty special."

Briscoe was 10th in the first qualifying round – which was led by Cole Custer – but he and his No. 98 Ford was quickest when it counted. He made a lap of 100.346 mph around the 17-turn, 2.28-mile ROVAL™ to nip Reddick by .015 seconds.

Briscoe and Riddick will start from the front row, with Austin Cindric third, Custer fourth and A.J. Allmendinger fifth.

Briscoe's first pole in the series came in his 45th career race.

The Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is slated to take the green flag at 3:30 p.m.

To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.


Prior to Sunday’s Bank of America ROVAL™ 400, Charlotte Motor Speedway staff researched the average road-course finishes of all 16 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Playoff drivers since 2017.

Here are the results for Playoff drivers – and three non-Playoff drivers who could be bracket busters:

Road Course racing stats from 2017 to 2019


Road Course Average finish

Road Course Poles

Road Course Wins

2018 ROVAL™ Finish

Denny Hamlin


1 (Watkins Glen 2018)



Kevin Harvick



1 win (Sonoma ‘17)


Clint Bowyer





Kurt Busch


1 pole (ROVAL™ ‘18)



Martin Truex Jr.



3 (Sonoma ‘18/’19, Watkins Glen ‘17)


Kyle Busch


1 pole (Watkins Glen ’17)



Chase Elliott


1 (Watkins Glen ‘19)

2 wins (Watkins Glen ‘18/’19)


Ryan Blaney


1 (ROVAL™ ‘18)



Alex Bowman





Erik Jones





Aric Almirola





Brad Keselowski





Kyle Larson


3 Poles (Sonoma: ‘17,’18, ‘19)



Ryan Newman





Joey Logano





William Byron





Jimmie Johnson





Matt DiBenedetto

17.71 (finished 4th at Sonoma and 6th at WGI this year)




Daniel Suarez





To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.


Do numbers lie? According to Hendrick Motorsports driver Chase Elliott, they do.

Or at least they don't tell the whole story.

Elliott has the best average finish on road courses among all active Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series drivers, 11.56. Does that make him a favorite for Sunday's Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 at Charlotte Motor Speedway?

Not so fast, Elliott said.

"I think (Martin) Truex (Jr.) has pretty well asserted himself as the best road racer in our series as of late," Elliott said. "He's won the majority of them and has finished second or third in the others, so I think until you're beating him regularly, you're probably not the guy to beat."

Ryan Blaney, last year’s Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 winner, is taking his reigning success in stride.

Blaney won after Truex and Jimmie Johnson collided in the final chicane before the finish, giving Blaney – who took the white flag in third place – an unforgettable victory.

But Blaney was more interested in seeing the new backstretch chicane than touting his potential for a repeat win.

"Coming back here, it's nice coming back to a place you've won at, no matter how you win it, how you do it," Blaney said. "Honestly, I was more excited coming back here to see the new chicane. That's pretty unique and a lot different than we had last year. We're talking about adding more braking markers (before the chicane) because there's only six of them, and we're braking at the hypothetical seven, so we're going to add a couple more.

"It's nice coming back. That's kind of all I've heard this week was 'past winner.' I don't really think about that stuff too much. I think about the next one coming up."

Briscoe Seeks Back-to-Back ROVAL™ Wins

Last year, Chase Briscoe captured the inaugural Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. Armed with another potent machine from the Stewart-Haas Racing stable, Briscoe believes his chances of a second victory are solid heading into Saturday’s green flag.

“I feel like we have really good speed,” Briscoe said. “We were second and third in practice. It’s a good chance to go back-to-back. It’s going to be tough since there are so many variables in this race and with the Playoffs going on. There are a lot of Playoff guys (going) to back-up cars and they’ll be back in the pack. … This place is so treacherous. You try to get more speed and you’re right there on that edge. This place, there is no run-off room. It’s almost like a street course. There is literally no room for mistakes. You miss your mark by a couple of inches and you’re in the wall.”

When Charlotte Motor Speedway rolled out its new backstretch chicane for the ROVAL™, Briscoe wasn’t sure what to expect. He’s still unsure how to tackle the turns after making his first laps on it during practice on Friday.

“I think the new chicane is still going to be hard,” Briscoe added. “You can make passes going in there. Going into the first part you can pass, but it gets narrow after that. Left or right, It’s almost a deal if you are on the inside going in you are going to push out of the exit and the same thing for someone else if they are inside you. I think there is going to have to be a lot of agreement going into that corner to not have chaos but I think it definitely creates an easier way to pass compared to what we had last year.

“It’s crazy how early we have to start slowing down. It catches you off guard. It’s almost like as soon as you come off of Turn 2 on the big track, you’re on the brake. It’s pretty fun we have that curb on the inside. It’s a cool perspective for the fans. It’s fun when you’re in the race car.”

To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.


Josef Newgarden took off his helmet and balaclava, wiped the sweat off his face and managed a smile after becoming the first NTT IndyCar Series driver to shake down the Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL™ on Friday.

Newgarden – a two-time IndyCar champion – lapped the 17-turn, 2.28-mile ROVAL™ for six laps as a prize of sorts for making team owner Roger Penske and sponsor Pennzoil the reigning champion car owner and sponsor in IndyCar and the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. He took advantage of the opportunity, too.

“It honestly felt really good,” Newgarden said. “I didn’t know what it was going to feel like. Everything was pretty smooth for the most part. I was most interested in the tire difference. When you run a weekend with multiple series that have multiple tire makes and different cars, normally when you go out after another session you have to have (other cars) clean the track up and I was only one car, so I can’t clean the track for myself really fast. I thought there was no issue.

"It felt good. The banking was really neat because the wheel was really, really heavy. We don’t have power steering in these vehicles, so it was pretty loaded up for a long time through the banking but there were no problems. I wanted to go fast but not too fast. I think there might’ve been another second or two in it, but it was one run, so we wanted to take it a little easy.”

Following the run, Newgarden met with two of his Team Penske NASCAR counterparts, Joey Logano – the defending champion – and Ryan Blaney, the defending Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 winner, for a quick debrief. Newgarden told media that the ROVAL™ was unlike any track he’d ever driven.

“It’s for sure different than anywhere we go,” he added. “I wouldn’t say it’s similar to anything. It’s clearly a road course, but it’s got some street-course sections to it. Turns 1 and 2 remind me of a street course. You’ve got the oval, which reminds me a little bit of the Indy GP that we run and then everything else is something new. It didn’t remind me of anything as a whole, but it had some characteristics of some places we go.

“It was a blast. The whole point of this was to celebrate with Pennzoil. It’s been such a great year for them. … It’s really been a cool opportunity they provided. It all originated just to showcase the partnership and the performance they give us, but I think it ended up turning into a really cool discussion point.”

INDYCAR President Jay Frye agreed with Newgarden’s sentiments about the track’s potential for competitive Indy car racing.

“It was cool to see how the car reacted,” Frye said. “This is a great facility. Greg (Walter, the speedway’s executive vice president and general manager) does a great job and so does Marcus (Smith, Speedway Motorsports’ President and CEO). We do lots of business with them. They’re first-class and they do everything right. Even today, the way this was operated and worked, was seamless. The Penske guys did a great job. Josef did a great job. We’ll see.

“We were going to come down and check (the ROVAL™) out. We had not been to see the facility in this configuration, so that was one of the reasons and then this opportunity came into play. Today would be the day to come check it out. Our guys are here and the car was on the track. Obviously today seemed like it was pretty successful, so who knows? All of the Cup guys were out watching the big board. There’s interest from the media. There’s interest from us. What’s next for all of us is something that we’re working on. It’s great to feel welcomed and wanted here. This is a great facility. Who knows? Lots of things are possible. … There’s interest on both sides for what we both do.”

To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.

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If this year is any indication, there’s truly no place like home for William Byron. The 21-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina, native won the pole for the Coca-Cola 600 in May and backed it up on Friday with a scintillating lap to qualify first for Sunday’s Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 on the Charlotte Motor Speedway ROVAL™.

Byron’s one minute, 20.932-second lap at an average speed of 103.198 miles per hour edged Hendrick Motorsports teammate Alex Bowman in a close battle for the pole throughout Bojangles’ Qualifying. Defending Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series champion Joey Logano qualified third. Jimmie Johnson – a four-time Bank of America fall race winner – will start fourth with Clint Bowyer fifth.

Kevin Harvick qualified sixth with Kyle Larson seventh, Martin Truex Jr. eighth and Ryan Blaney, the inaugural ROVAL™ winner, ninth. Paul Menard rounded out the top 10.

Byron’s pole was the fifth of his career and his fifth this season. He is the youngest driver to ever win a NASCAR Cup Series pole on Charlotte Motor Speedway’s 1.5-mile superspeedway as well as the 17-turn, 2.28-mile ROVAL™. Additionally, Byron became the first driver to sweep poles on Charlotte’s oval and ROVAL™ in the same year.

WILLIAM BYRON, No. 24 UniFirst Chevrolet Camaro (Pole Winner): “We've had a good day here at Charlotte. The first run in practice went pretty smooth. I just kind of had to go back to the bus and think about it, then talk to my guys about it and we did some things to the car. We just made those little improvements that we felt like have led to our success in qualifying. The car has been getting a little better and I've been getting a little better. It just all came together at the same time. I almost messed it up on the last chicane when I locked the tires up, but I knew I had to get in there pretty hard. Fortunately, we came out with the pole and I’m really excited about Sunday now.

“It’s just having the ability to be close on the car, to just kind of hone in on the little details on the car. We don’t really panic a lot when it comes to qualifying. If we're close, we just try and fine-tune it. And we do a good job in that space of fine tuning, whether it’s me or the car. We ran a 1:21.50 in practice and we knew we had to pick up from that to probably get the pole.  And we were able to go a 1:20.90 or something. In the 600 pole, the team had 80 percent of the effort. This one means a lot for me because I feel like it was a team effort for sure, but you have got to do your homework as a driver, too. I’m proud of that. It shows we can compete at a high level.”

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Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.

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How does Josef Newgarden celebrate winning Team Penske's second major championship in the last 11 months? By driving his Shell Pennzoil Indy car around Charlotte Motor Speedway's 17-turn, 2.28-mile ROVAL™.

Newgarden was officially crowned the NTT IndyCar Series title earlier this week. He'll drive a Team Penske backup car on an exhibition run after Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 qualifying Friday.

"I actually think what's happening now, in the next hour, is going to be the coolest thing I get to do all week," Newgarden said. "Certainly thanks to our great partner Shell Pennzoil. This is kind of a treat for me; I get to have some fun."

Newgarden joked about having more fun that he's probably allowed when he takes his IndyCar to the ROVAL.

"I'll probably try and get in trouble and just stay out there until they start yelling at me," Newgarden said. "I've already apologized to (team president) Tim (Cindric) if we get fined due to my actions on the track."

"As long as that's the only thing we have to pay for today is a fine," Cindric said. "If we have to pay for the rest of it, we'll have a problem."

Newgarden spent an hour running some computer simulations trying to learn the ROVAL™.

"I've never seen this track, never driven on it in anything," Newgarden said. "So I got a little taste on a desktop computer just to try and figure out where they heck I was going and get my gears sorted out in my head."

Team Penske NASCAR driver Joey Logano was certain Newgarden's lighter, more nimble race car would go faster than Logano's No. 22 Ford.

"If you're not faster than my car in that, you don't deserve that trophy," Logano said.

Penske NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney said earlier Friday that simulations showed the Indy car should lap the ROVAL™ 14 seconds quicker than the NASCAR stock car. Newgarden just chuckled.

"I guess I gotta do 15," Newgarden said. "I don't know who Blaney is betting in the paddock or what he's got going on. He's the expert, sounds like. I haven't really thought about it."

Logano and Newgarden have pestered Cindric about doing a car swap at Charlotte, and this is the first step, in conjunction with team sponsor Shell Pennzoil.

Team Penske holds the championship in the two major forms of motorsports in the United States, as Logano is the defending Monster Energy Series NASCAR Cup champion, while Newgarden recently won the NTT IndyCar Series title.

Logano, Newgarden and their two championship trophies were on display at America's Home For Racing.

Oh yeah, Team Penske and Simon Pagenaud won Roger Penske's 18th Indianapolis 500 in May.

"It's hard to believe, honestly, that sitting up here with both of these trophies and both of these guys," Cindric said. "And you look at the fact that we put together The Captain's 18th Indy 500 this year as well."


To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.


Prior to Bojangles’ Qualifying on Friday, Charlotte Motor Speedway’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Expo at zMAX Dragway saw more than 1,600 students from 30 groups across the Carolinas experience an educational, in-depth look at the motorsports industry through lessons on subjects including acceleration, friction and G-force.

The expo featured more than 50 interactive stations displaying attractions like NASCAR inspection laser technology and reaction-testing platforms. Additional stations featured pit stop practice experiences, live fire safety demonstrations and a variety of hands-on experiments.

Unique Caterpillar Exhibit Allows Race Fans to Drive Equipment

As part of Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Fan Zone for the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400, race fans can experience driving Caterpillar excavators through a designed course. The purpose is to show fans how easy their new-technology equipment is to operate with only a joystick.

Fans also can watch a video showing, race on a slot car track and enjoy hospitality from a roof-top Fan Zone view. They can also get an up-close view of equipment and learn to drive and operate the new Next Generation Mini Excavator.

The Fan Zone stop is the 11th appearance this year of the interactive exhibit. Caterpillar plans to include the exhibit at other sporting events such as the NFL and college football.

To purchase Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 tickets, fans can call 1-800-455-FANS (3267) or shop online at www.charlottemotorspeedway.com.

Kids 13 and under get in FREE for the Drive for the Cure 250 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina on Saturday. Kids’ tickets to the Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 cost just $10.


One final night is left on the 2019 schedule for Macon Speedway and it’s this Saturday, September 28.  The BRANDT Season Finale presented by Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy will have six divisions racing for the special cup trophies.  In addition, plenty of prizes have been donated by area businesses for the giveback to fans night.  Rounding out the night’s program will be the return of powder puff and mechanic races.

Tommy Sheppard, Jr. of New Berlin, IL leads the BillingsleyRewards.com Modifieds into the final night and has already clinched the championship with a 72 point lead.  Sheppard will be racing for his ninth win of the year.  Alan Crowder is second in the standings, while Tim Hancock, Curt Rhodes, and Zach Rhodes complete the top five.

The Neal Tire & Auto Pro Modified championship is also secure.  Tim Hancock, Sr. has won 13 out of 18 features and is atop the standings by 98.  Centralia, IL’s Rob Timmons is second in the standings, having won two features and grabbing an impressive 14 top fives.  Nick Justice, Tim Riech, and Roy Magee finish off the top five drivers in the class.

One battle to keep an eye on is in the Sportsman division.  Scott Landers of Taylorville, IL, is looking to claim his first career division championship and has a 22 point lead on Dennis Vander Meersch.  Tim Bedinger is third in the standings, while Terry Myers and Wes O’Dell complete the top five.  Vander Meersch has won eight features but missed a night and with Landers consistency, that might be all it takes to clinch the championship.  The 22 point difference is a matter of 11 feature positions.

The Archers Alley Street Stock division is a wrap when it comes to the championship but the racing has been highly competitive this season in resurgence for the class.  Terry Reed of Cerro Gordo, IL leads the points by 118 over Darrell Dick.  Reed has won four features this season but a number of other drivers have found victory lane as well, including Dick.  Larry Russell, Jr., Bobby Beiler, and Jaret Duff complete the top five in points.

Brady Reed of Decatur, IL, has had a great season as a first year, full-time driver.  Reed has claimed four feature wins and is leading the standings by 214 points.  Carter Dart is second in points, while Cook Crawford, Marty Sullivan, and Steve Stine are in the top five.

The closest championship battle comes in the Micros By Bailey Chassis class.  Springfield, IL’s Daryn Stark, one of the youngest drivers at the track, leads the points by just six over Jacob Tipton.  Molly Day is third in the points, while John Barnard and Chad Baldwin complete the top five.  Mathematically, anyone in the top three or four could have a chance, depending on the number of cars that start the feature.

For the fans, plenty of giveaway items will be handed out throughout the evening, donated by plenty of area businesses.  Finishing out the night, mechanic races will be held for Modified, Pro Modified, Sportsman, and Street Stocks.  For the ladies, powder puff races will be held for Street Stocks and Hornets.

Pits open Saturday at 4:00, grandstands at 5:00, hotlaps are at 6:00, and racing will take the green at 7:00.  Grandstand admission is $12 for adults and free for kids 11 and under.

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