Emotions run high during Sprint Race Brasil event in Sebring

09 Jul 2019
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It was a historic day in the world of four wheels. On Sunday, July 7,  Sprint Race Brasil, the Brazilian Motorsport championship that is in its eighth edition, now leaves its mark and makes history in American motorsports. João Rosate (PRO) and Luca Milani (GP), in the first race and Pedro Lopes (PRO) and Rafael Seibel (GP), in the second race, were the first winners in the iconic and legendary racetrack with 6,002 meters of extension.

Pedro Lopes celebrated his first victory in the competition, in dispute with rain.

"A very difficult race. It was an incognita for all the result in rain. I made a great start, I took a getaway, but I managed to regain the leadership, was very fast, "said Pedro Lopes. "It was two very evolving weekends here in the United States. I am very happy with the result and to be able to record my name in the history of the category, even more here in Sebring. I want to congratulate the mechanics on the perfect car and the entire Sprint Race team for providing us with these two amazing steps! ", completed the SR # 17 rider.

Very thrilled, Rafael Seibel celebrated the first time in the highest place of the podium in the GP category.

"It was a really weekend to stay in the best of memories. I managed to adapt well to the track of Sebring after much physical training and simulator. I made two very good classifications in the morning, we did not get on pole for a tenth only, but knew that, dropping in second, had a good chance to go forward. The first race was a rain and for, in the most adverse conditions possible, and really did not make a good proof, I was not satisfied, despite completing in fourth and scoring some points, "said Seibel, who commands MR # 19.

"In the second race, with a rain tire, I knew that it would be a race of regularity, I kept focused and on the track even with the great difficulty of visibility and still out of the confusion. So win this first win in the Sprint Race, after many beats on the beam was to wash the soul literally. Winning in Sebring is something inexplicable, as well as entering history with the name in this legendary race track. I couldn't imagine it, but we know it's a reflection of a lot of work and training. Now, it is to focus on the remainder of the championship, "concluded Rafael Seibel.

The fifth stage of Sprint Race Brazil will be played on September 7 in Londrina, Paraná (BRA), with the challenge of the Night Race (#SprintNightChallenge).

Three of the nine stages of the Sprint Race 2019 make up the International Cup. In addition to the races in the United States (3rd and 4th stages), the tournament also includes the races in Posadas, Argentina (7th stage), on October 20. The disputes will have the same format as the national calendar, with two official workouts, two individual leaderboards and two 23-minute races and one more lap.

During the next week of each stage there will be special materials in the programming of RedeTV!, the accelerated program-in SBT, YouTube (youtube.com/acelerados) and the National Sports Channel program, channel 26 da Vivo (São Paulo).

Sprint Race Brazil is sponsored by Yokohama, Motul, MILITEC1 and Brazil Roaming.
Sebring/Sprint International Cup Step Result:
Race 1
1) #858 John Rosate, PRO, 9 laps, 26m13s390
2) #7 Dante fiber, PRO, 26m32s233
3) #77 Luca Milani, GP, 26m36s502
4) #17 Daniel Coutinho, GP, 26m49s177
5) #18 Pedro Lopes, PRO, 27m07s078
6) #28 Vinicius Kwong, PRO, 27m07s098
7) #61 Allan Croce, PRO, 27m17s971
8) #55 Adolpho Rossi, GP, 27m18s383
9) #82 Gerson Campos, PRO, 27m19s900
10) #19 Rafael Seibel, GP, 27m29s006
11) #97 Josimar Jr, GP, 27m46s878
12) 85 Eduardo Lesssi, GP, 28m39s192
13) #73 Julia Piquet, GP, 28m52s123
14) #44 Luiz Arruda, GP, 29m01s257
15) #99 Vinny Azevedo, GP, no time
Race 2
1) #18 Pedro Lopes, PRO, 17m52s724
2) #858 Bruno Smielevski, PRO, 17m53s271
3) #19 Rafael Seibel, GP, 17m56s371
4) #61 Lucca Croce, PRO, 18m05s107
5) #17 Dudu Trindade, GP, 18m06s181
6) #44 Luiz Arruda, GP, 18m18s662
7) #99 Vinny Azevedo, GP, 18m29s227
8) #07 m Kau, PRO, 18m41s552
9) #77 Roberto Milani, GP, 19m18s051
10) #97 Josimar Junior, GP, 19m42s302
11) #73 Wagner bridges, GP, 20m33s903
12) #82 Gerson Campos, PRO, 22m16s090
13) #55 Rabbit caê, GP, 24m23s841
14) #28 Vinicius Kwong, PRO, 14m14s882
15) #85 Eduardo Lesssi, GP, 19m15s060
Source: Race Monitor

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