Can CBD help you sleep?

12 Jun 2019
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People who spend their whole lives in the racing world like to do everything fast, from racing to eating to sleeping. In order to get the best night’s sleep possible, many people find themselves turning to cannabidiol, known commonly as CBD.


CBD is a cannabinoid that works as a mild general sedative. It has been found to help users breathe easier, reduce the amount of physical pain that they are in, and even lower their heart rate blood pressure. People who suffer from anxiety have also found that CBD helps them to reduce the symptoms they feel, which helps them to truly deal with the root causes of what is exacerbating their mental illnesses.


THC is another cannabinoid that is often combined with CBD in products to help with sleep. It has many of the same effects of CBD, but with added side effects such as dry mouth, redness of the eyes and a feeling of being high like you would get with marijuana. Both cannabinoids are derived from hemp, marijuana’s calmer cousin, and tend to even out each others’ negative effects to some degree.


All of this assistance can help users fall asleep easier at night without having to worry about taking troublesome and addictive prescription sleeping medications that can cause all kinds of health problems of their own. That’s not to say that CBD has no unintended side effects, but it’s absolutely less addictive than anything you can get over the counter or with a doctor’s prescription. As long as it doesn’t include THC, it’s completely legal to use throughout the world. It won’t show up on drug tests because it isn’t psychoactive.


CBD is metabolized in your liver and kidneys, so people with histories of issues with those organs should make sure to talk to a doctor before using any product including it. Anyone with a history of heart issues should also be careful if using a product with THC in it. THC can raise users heart rates, sometimes to an unhealthy degree. For most people, however, CBD and products made with it have been found to be safe to use as long as they are careful.


In July 2018, NASCAR driver Carl Long was set to be an advertiser for Colorado-based VeedVerks which makes CBD products, but the deal was struck down before his first race. But, in May 2019, the New Mexico-based CBD company Craft 1861 was announced as a sponsor of the Carlin team. So, racers might not be able to advertise the products in some races, but the effects of CBD products can help them to get a better night’s sleep so that their heads are clearer during the race.


However, it is not recommended to use them before a driver goes out on the race track. Racing is all about making split-second decisions that can save or destroy a driver’s life. Both CBD and THC can lead to slower decision making, which is dangerous when someone is driving that fast.

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